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Real estate sales... a job.

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✅Learn Real Estate Sales LIVE:
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☑️ INSANE 4k Camera:
☑️ You want this for the camera above:
☑️ COMPACT, 4k Drone:
☑️ CASH Canon:
☑️ Gimbal:
☑️ Backup Cam / Previous Primary:
☑️ Mic:
☑️ Lens:
☑️ lens stuff: NEEDED for lenses (esp. outside).
☑️ BEST Tripod:
☑️ Need for tripod:
☑️ Reasonable STUDIO LIGHTS (no sweating again!):
☑️ muff:
☑️ cam2:
☑️ muff for cam2:
☑️ selfiestick / dslr:
☑️ boxes:
☑️ gun case in car:
☑️ IN-CAR Laptop Stand:
☑️ Studio mic:
must use on construction sites:
☑️ PRINTER for real estate:
☑️ Portable Guitar Amp:
☑️ Lights behind Desk:
☑️ Wall-Mounted BOOMS:
☑️ vintage Macbook cover:
☑️ headphones I RUN with:


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