How I made $136,474.43 in 30 days as a Real Estate Agent 11 months ago

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This is how I was able to earn a six-figure month as a Real Estate Agent, how I was able to achieve this, and what’s involved in earning this type of income - regardless of the business you’re in. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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The bulk of this income was the result of me selling a $7,000,000 home here in Los Angeles, another $4000 or so in rent from rental properties, and $1246.71 in YouTube ad revenue. There’s other stuff thrown in there as well, like maybe a lease commission or two, but it’ll be too small to look through and mention so won’t make a big difference. But lets discuss the biggest one, the $7,000,000 sale.

Keep in mind, I’m not someone with $7m connections - I didn’t grow up around people who were spending $7,000,000 on a house. It just happened organically and grew over time as a result of long term consistency, follow up, and customer service with the people I met in my beginning years of real estate - and this $7m client was referred to me. It was a referral from a client I had met back in 2013 who called me off one of my leases on Craigslist.

For anyone in a sales or customer oriented business, your BEST business and your HAPPIEST customer base will always be the ones that have used you in the past - once you get an “in” with someone and they were satisfied, they’ll use you again. Every satisfied client will inevitably, at some time or another, refer you someone else who happens to be just as awesome. And that becomes another person to add to the database.

Referrals are the type of client that could make or break the previous relationship you have. You really go out on the line when you refer someone to somebody - not only is it a huge compliment, but it’s also a lot of pressure because if you mess this up, you’re likely to lose BOTH clients and ruin all the work you’ve put in so far. So it’s vital to treat the referral like royalty, no matter how big or small they may be. And that’s what I did.

Getting this type of business is really the cumulation of a lot of time spent in real estate, a lot of repeat business, and a lot of following up. When it comes to business, I really think it’s so important to have a long term outlook on everything - and I really believed that when I started, I’d be doing this for decades, and it’s all about building up a solid foundation of happy clients - and this meant keeping them happy long term, time and time again. And sure enough, we ended up finding this referral a home at $7m, and this led to one of my best single months EVER in real estate as far as commissions go, and also my highest sale EVER in real estate at $7,000,000.

So what it really comes down to is just patience. Behind this was 9 years of doing real estate…it was me meeting thousands of people, following up consistently, going out of my way for each person, and treating ever referral like Royalty to get to this place. It’s never about trying to close a quick deal, move on, closing a quick deal, move on. Had I done that, I’d never have repeat business - and right now, that’s the business that keeps me going. So no matter what business you’re in, look at it as though this will be a long term relationship. Every happy customer will come back to you. They will refer you more business. Then THAT business will come back to you, then THEY will refer you business, and so on.

So for your business or for whatever you do, see it long term. Never go chasing after short term money if it means they’re never going to use you again. And this is exactly how I was able to make $136,000 in a single month of working as a real estate agent.

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